# Rentals <= $2000 in Top Canadian Cities

rent 2000 mtl vancouver toronto

Earlier today, I was browsing the MLS for properties listed for rent within $2000. (Seemed like a flat enough number and I am painfully aware that a lower ‘flat’ number isn’t realistic).

Realtor.ca showed only 4 within Vancouver.

The numbers are damning, though unsurprising. Only 7 in Calgary too…what? The more east you go, the better the numbers look. Well – enh, at 195 in Toronto. But a whopping 1521 in Montreal was relieving. I LOVE Montreal, it’s arguably the best city in Canada so it’s nice to seeing some harmony in values there, albeit relatively.

I soon realized that the west numbers were alarmingly low, because MLS isn’t used for rental listings as much as they are in say, Toronto. So I checked the RATIO of MLS rental listings below $2000. Suffice to say, Calgary can’t be factored in at all because they hardly use realtor.ca, people almost exclusively use Rent Faster there. I decided to keep Vancouver in the mix because though low, it still had hundreds of rental listings on MLS:

Almost HALF (46%+) the rental listings on MLS in Montreal are under $2000. In Vancouver, it’s but 1.4%

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